iesco Bill can be a unfastened internet web page anywhere you’ll have the facility to test your IESCO Bill replica invoice truly. Therefore you’ll be capable of study your dynamic energy invoice (Bijli invoice) and also understand all information concerning preceding invoice.

iesco Bill Online – Get Duplicate Bill

Particularly you would genuinely relish to envision IESCO invoice online in your habitation, place of job and seek. In other words you’ll seek your invoice with the avail of utilizing reference range and so switch or print a replica of your invoice with out price. After all is that the first internet web page anywhere you will even test a couple of IESCO payments with the avail of utilizing.

iesco bill

In simpler terms if you don’t hold close anywhere to are seeking out reference range so, please browse Reference range phase below. Otherwise If you’re Endeavouring using to find town wapda invoice, then please go to ‘‘ internet web page.

You can likewise get your invoice from IESCO com pk comparable has higher interface and avails all molecular telephones. Furthermore, input your 14 digit reference wide variety above to get your invoice for the lengthy stretch of April 2021, or May 2021 or the sooner month of May 2021.

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Understanding IESCO BILLS:

There are numerous obstacles inside the invoice, we’ve elucidated a number of them underneath.

Connection Date:

It is truly the date while you in the commencement enlisted in IESCO statistics set for electricity affiliation.

Reference Number:

This is the widespread part. This reference wide variety is the vital ID of your invoice this is very kindred to your document wide variety. Furthermore you can contend with your invoice for this reference wide variety and get replica your invoice with the avail of utilizing and giving this reference wide variety and so on.


This is the massive part. This reference wide variety is the essential ID of your invoice this is sincerely just like your document wide variety.


A many people ask what’s FPA with inside the electricity invoice? FPA represents Fuel Price Adjustment. This is a framework to alternate electricity prices depending on gasoline expenses variance.

Bill Timing:

Contingent upon your location immediately you can get your invoice on numerous dates of the month. Anyway you could visually perceive price records to consider your invoice expertise date and trouble date.

Tips To Abbreviate Electricity Bills:

Meanwhile let’s take an expeditious define at the wide variety of contrivances your mundane machines consume and the way you could decrement electricity invoice with the avail of utilizing killing nugatory contrivances.

Although here is the rundown of factors with gauge contrivances of electricity it wolfed on every occasion applied for twenty-four hours:

  • Fan: On a mundane, a 80W fan devours four contrivances of electricity/day.
  • Television devours round three contrivances each day.
  • A 24W electricity preserver makes utilization of 1-2 contrivances in line with day.
  • A cooler burns-via round four-6 contrivances, contingent upon the scale and the way vintage your system is.
  • So with inside the occasion which you opiate to lower your electricity price sum, you require to appearance out the wide variety of machines are being applied at a time. Here are some tips to lower electricity price:
  • Switch off superfluous apparatuses.
  • Rather than turning on 5 electricity preservers and endeavor to make do with 4 or maybe less.
  • Similarly use daylight to facilitate up your rooms in lieu of electric powered bulbs wherein conceivable.
  • Endeavour now no longer to make utilization of ACs throughout the top hours.
  • Utilize your ACs at 26 degrees.
  • Keep your rooms ventilated with alfresco air to decrement utilization of ACs.

IESCO BILL Structure:

To hold the electrical stock non-stop and hold up patron allegiance, IESCO is dissevered into four circles, 19 divisions and 104 regions. Overseeing Engineers (SEs) are head of Circles eleven though Divisions are administered with the avail of utilizing Executive Engineers (XENs).

Checking Duplicate Online IESCO BILLS:

IESCO Electricity Bills are distributed to your step each month. Beforehand, you had been faciled with the avail of utilizing a solemn obligation to peregrinate to the consequential location of the Head Office or the Customer Accommodation Centre and accept as true with that hours will get ingress to the genuine replica of your Electricity payments and for the scenario you lose it, forget to ascertain it and wishes to test your invoice status.

While the more a component of the consumers originate from Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Therefore it’s far typically too easy for them to reach to the Head Office or the Customer Accommodation Centers and get ingress to the payments. In consequence, for the consumers from Jhelum to Attock, also interplay grow to be being very tricky.

Reference wide variety:

Our Website offers a utilizable, facile, and expeditious approach this is moreover sanctioned to avail you with gaining admittance on your payments at the cyber world.

IESCO Bills calculator may be checked on-line essentially via the techniques for a reference wide variety. Although it is a 14-digit lengthy wide variety used to manual you to duplicate a cyberspace replica of each one in every of your payments.

IESCO BILL Contact Information:

In other words for gripes, you could go to the charging remonstration aim paintings location at IESCO Head Office discovered Street # forty Sector G-7/four Islamabad. You can likewise complain straightforwardly to the IESCO CEO with the avail of utilizing sending your mail to [email protected]

Here is IESCO helpline wide variety: 051-9252937

IESCO Circles and Divisions:

Islamabad Circle
Rawalpindi Circle
Attock Circle
Jhelum Circle
Chakwal Circle
Islamabad Division 1
Rawat Division
Taxila Division
Jhelum Division 1
Chakwal Division
Islamabad Division 2
City Division
Pindigheb Division
Jhelum Division 2
Talagang Division
Barakahu Division
Cantt Division (Rawalpindi)
Attock Division
Gujar Khan Division
Dhudial Division
Satellite Town Division
PindDadan Khan Division.
Westridge Division
Tariqabad Division


How to check iesco Bill Online?

You can check iesco Bill Online at by entering 14 digit reference number.

How to calculate IESCO bill online?

You can easily calculate IESCO Bill amount just by entering the units consumed in iesco Bill Calculator.

How to test IESCO on-line invoice?

You can test IESCO on-line invoice at with the avail of utilizing getting into 14-digit reference wide variety.

How to envision IESCO gauge invoice?

Additionally, you can attest IESCO electricity value of your non-public affiliation with the avail of utilizing getting into wolfed contrivances here.

Would I have the facility to test price with the avail of utilizing meter wide variety?

IESCO endorsers can simply test invoice with the avail of utilizing 14-digit reference wide variety, now no longer with the avail of utilizing meter wide variety.

How to get in advance month invoice?

In the occasion which you didn’t get your price likewise you could get a duplicate replica of your final month invoice here.

Would I have the competency to test IESCO invoice with the avail of utilizing call or cope with?

Apologies, you cannot test your invoice with the avail of utilizing call or cope with but simply utilizing reference wide variety. On the off threat which you have 14 digit reference wide variety, you could visually perceive your invoice here.

Load Shedding System

Wha are the IESCO pinnacle hours?

Clearly 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm are the top hours, and IESCO have cited its customers to endeavour to truncate electricity utilization throughout the top hours.

How to alternate patron call in IESCO electricity invoice?

The method to alternate customer call on IESCO invoice is identical like making utilization of for pristinely incipient affiliation. In the same way you can go to the IESCO workplace and practice for the call alternate demand.

Would I have the faculty to test IESCO invoice with the avail of utilizing identity verification card (cnic) wide variety?

Finally you could simply test the invoice with the avail of utilizing 14 digit reference wide variety.