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In the event that you need to ascertain a gauge IESCO charge sum online dependent on units devoured for your private association, we’ve assembled a straightforward IESCO charge mini-computer for you.

We have carried out IESCO’s most recent levy for the time of 2020 to create assessed power cost for you. This number cruncher is just worked for the ‘Private’ associations, in the event that you are a Commercial or Industry supporter, we prescribe you to see IESCO levy and figure your bill dependent on unit paces of your connected buyer type.

You would now be able to check if your Bills are right utilizing our Online IESCO Bill Calculator. Here we will give the most recent Unit Rates 2021 for your Connection Type.

IESCO Bill Calculator Free

IESCO Bill Calculator Online with Unit Rates – 2021 Walk 18, 2021 by finding any bill IESCO charge adding machine. You would now be able to check if your Bills are right utilizing our Online IESCO Bill Calculator. Here we will give the most recent Unit Rates 2021 for your Connection Type.

Since you have the relaxation and the benefit not exclusively to check and cover your IESCO Bill on the web or Download the Duplicate Bill, you can likewise check it to ensure it’s exact. For this reason, you can utilize our Online IESCO Bill Calculator 2021.

This needs to ascertain the rough measure of your IESCO Internet bill dependent on the units devoured for your home association, we have made a basic IESCO charge number cruncher for you. We have carried out the most recent IESCO levy for 2020 to produce the assessed cost of power for you. This adding machine is for private associations as it were. On the off chance that you are a business or modern supporter, we suggest that you survey the NEPRA rate and figure your bill dependent on the unit paces of your particular client type.

It is straightforward, quick, advantageous, fast and furthermore ascertains the bill liberated from cost. Our Online Bill Calculator considers the devoured units for our association type, regardless of whether it’s private, business, or modern, and utilizations the most recent Tariff for the flow year (for instance, it utilized the Tariff for 2021 right now). To create for you a precise gauge of the Electricity Cost. You can tap on this catch to go to the number cruncher:

You can also Check PESCO Bill

IESCO BILL Unit Rates:

Up to 50 Units
1 - 100 Units
101 - 200 Units
201 - 300 Units
301 - 700 Units
Above 700 Units

IESCO Unit Rates For Residential Connection:

Diverse Connection Types have distinctive unit rates, and on the grounds that the Tariff Guide unequivocally makes reference to the units and cost per unit for every association type independently. The Units and the expense per unit for Residential Connection are given in the table beneath. In this table, the Applicable Variable Charges W.E F 01-01-2019 are addressed. Besides, you can decide the unit rates for business and modern association types from the IESCO Official Tariff Guide.

50 and below
2.00 Rs
51 – 100
5.79 Rs
101 – 200
8.11 Rs
201 – 300
10.20 Rs
301 – 700
17.60 Rs
700 and above
20.70 Rs

IESCO Unit Rates For Other Connection Types:

IESCO Charges every association type contrastingly and on the grounds that the IESCO Official Tariff Guide expressly specifies the units and cost per unit for every association type independently.

The business and mechanical association types’ unit rates are a lot of not quite the same as those for the Residential Connection type.

IESCO additionally has diverse unit rates for General Services, Single Point Supply, Agriculture Tariff, Temporary Supply Tariff, Seasonal Industrial Supply Tariff, Public Lighting, Residential Colonies that are appended to Industrial Premises, Special Contracts under NEPRA (Supply of Power) Regulations 2015, and in conclusion the Special Contracts.

On the authority site of IESCO charges, you can likewise discover the guidelines for the Tariff Revised (01-07-2019).

How To Calculate IESCO BILLS:

WAPDA online bill framework gives the office to individuals who are living in the capital of Pakistan that is Islamabad. In this site, individuals empower to get the assessed estimation of units that are burned-through for a particular period. Along these lines, individuals living in Islamabad guarantee the charges of the unit burned-through in one month and furthermore gauge the charges of the following month by putting the lower number of units of power when contrasted with the current month. Generally the bill relies upon the quantity of units of force supply. Enter the necessary data in the bill assessor structure and gauge the Islamabad charge charges rapidly.

Our Website gives a down to earth, simple and speedy technique that is likewise allowed to assist you with gaining admittance to your bills on the web.

IESCO Bills can be checked online just through the methods for a reference number. Actually like a record number, a reference number is a fundamental ID of your bill. It is a 14-digit long number used to guide you to copy an online duplicate of every one of your bills.

Something significant to recall is that the Online Bill System of WAPDA refreshes the reference number every month. For a Successful Transaction, you needed your last month’s assertion and your most recent reference number. You can discover your reference number on the third line of the furthest left section of your bill.

Steps To Calculate IESCO BILL:

In the event that you lost your last month’s bill or presently don’t approach it, and consequently you don’t have your most recent reference number, you can discover it out through our site by following these means:

  • Snap on the Button Below.
  • Put in your old reference number.
  • Snap on the Search Button.

Since you have your most recent reference number snap on the catch above and enter your most recent reference number to get to your Bills.

Searching for K electric Duplicate Bill, no concerns, go to the pursuit bar and search any bill.

Pay IESCO BILL Online:

JazzCash and Easypaisa are straightforward applications to pay your Islamabad electricity bills from cell phones. Furthermore, you can use the ATM or online banking system for bill payments.

IESCO charge estimation is here and there disappointing for individuals. Since it incorporates a ton of charges that may surpass the bill sum. Subsequently, we bring the Tariff Guide for you that will cause you to see better about the IESCO bill.

These days, there is a great deal of shrewd online channels that are giving on the web charge instalment offices like UBL, Easy Paisa, Jazz Cash, UBL Omni, and so on.

All in all, you should go actually to store sum at any business bank, mailing station, and so fort.

Simply visit the part and see the page cautiously. Ensure that you are perusing the pertinent aides. In the event that you are IESCO business client, see the business rates, and assuming you are an IESCO home-grown client, follow the neighborhood costs.

IESCO Contact Details:

IESCO head office is in Islamabad. See the location beneath:

Islamabad Electricity Supply Company, Sector G-7/4, Street # 40, Islamabad

Helpline: 051-9252937, 9252938, 9252939

IESCO E-mail: [email protected]


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