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LESCO represent Lahore Electric Supply Company. It is the one and in light of the fact that it was control Movement Company like Lahore, Okara, Sheikhupura, Nankana and Kausr. LESCO comes under the first association Water and Control Headway Master (WAPDA).

Lesco Bill

LESCO association showed up inside the time of 2001.As well as inside the split of WAPDA structure. Presently it was known as Lahore Locale Control Board (AEB).

LESCO course contained 68 132 kV and fourteen 66 kV. Sub-stations and inside the year 2013 there were one 34 132kV. Although in 2014 there were seven 66kV sub-stations.

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Organizational Structure of LESCO:

As we know, LESCO is working in the important urban communities of Pakistan. We should know LESCO’s Operation Circles:

Territory CIRCLE
North Lahore Circle
5 Divisions/
28 Sub Divisions
Focal Lahore Circle
5 Divisions/
31 Sub Divisions
Eastern Lahore Circle
4 Divisions/
23 Sub Divisions
Okara Circle
4 Divisions/23 Sub Divisions
SOuth-Eastern LHR Circle
4 Divisions/26 Sub Divisions
Sheikhupura Circle
4 Divisions/18 Sub Divisions
Kasur Circle 
5 Divisions/30 Sub Divisions
Nankana Circle
4 Divisions/16 Sub Divisions
Venture Construction Circle
6 Divisions
G.S.O. Circle
3 Divisions

How to check electricity LESCO BILL:

To check your LESCO Bill, you need to know about Reference Number or Customer ID. Take a look at your service charge. You will discover two boxes on the upper left corner. There is one box that contains the Reference Number. However, the other is having your Customer ID. It is possible that you can use  Reference Number or Customer ID to check online bill.

Check with Reference ID:

You can detect a 12-digit Number. While remembering a prefix for LESCO as we have examined previously. You need to set this number suitably in the structure. Similarly, then press “View Bill” or “Download Bill”. At last, a duplicate of your bill will show up. Ultimately may be seen or downloaded in Laptop.

Check with Customer ID:

For the clarity of clients, www lescogovpk has another way to check bills. Although you can basically set your client ID number in the fields.

Due to this It will give you a copy duplicate of your bill.

How to Make LESCO BILL Payment:

For a problem free cycle of bill Payment. Especially there is a tool that can help you take care of the bill. Indeed, by staying away from the long lines outside the banks.

In general, all business banks are offering on the web charge instalment. Furthermore, through their online entrances and applications. You can join and take care of service bills during no extra price.

In general, all parts of all Government and business banks are approved. And they gather the instalment of power bills. In conclusion, we have extra choices to take care of bill.

Bill Payment
Govt. Banks
Business Banks
Simple paisa App
Jazz Cash App
Omni Sahulat Shops
Nadra E-Sahulat
Banking Online entryways/Apps
All Post workplaces of Pakistan

Procedure to Enter a Complaint:

Firstly you have to enter about the accompanying issues:

Bill Instalments
Meter Problem
Burden Shedding
Charging Complaint
Getting Hard Copy of your Bill

Moreover, you can contact your region’s LESCO office. In other words, you can SDO/XEN on their PDA numbers.

If there should be an occurrence of discomfort and power breaking. Likewise, any important issue. Then call 0800-00118 to arrive at the LESCO Complaint.

In other words, you can also visit www lesco gov pk.

LESCO Mobile Application:

By the time service of Energy has found a way to settle an application named “Roshan Pakistan”. Indeed, this application is available on iOS and Google Play.

For example, here are the connects to official applications:

Google Play: Roshan Pakistan App

iOS Store: Roshan Pakistan App


  • LESCO Power discharge and saving has become an interest issue in Pakistan. LESCO and different system organizations are reminding individuals to run Air Conditioners. But at a temperature of 26 degrees.
  • Furthermore, reserve power and other waste power benefits are a critical factor.
  • Continuously switch off pointless lights and kitchen machine.

As well as other hardware when not being used.

  • Favor soft lights and mercury fume lights. While they were used alternatively traditional electric lights.
  • Try to use proper size capacitors for fanand engines. For example, inductive sta.
  • In addition to the midyear season. You must make sure that you are finished with AC support.
  • To avoid from utilizing high voltage apparatuses during top hours.
  • Use twofold board glass windows. As well as excellent shade that can stay away from daylight.
  • You can use froth boards into your roof for protections. Dividers and roof protections keep your home cool during sunshine.
  • In other words, you will purchase a climate control system.

Then you must purchase Inverter AC. Inverters use less power for many times. Indeed, you will see a slow charge in your month-to-month bill.

  • In the place you are not happy with your power bill. So, you feel that it isn’t as much you want. While at that point you can check your bill here.


How to check Lesco Bill Online?

You can check Lesco Bill Online at pescobill.pk by entering 14 digit reference number.

How to calculate Lesco bill online?

You can easily calculate IESCO Bill amount just by entering the units consumed in Lesco Bill Calculator.

What is LESCO Bill?

LESCO bill is a service bill of power of the customers. It runs in Lahore and other areas including Sheikhupura, Okara and Kasur. LESCO is known as Lahore Electric Supply Company. Aa well as it is used for spreading of power in the previously regions.

How might I take care of my bill on the web?

Online bill can save your time by covering the power bill on the web. In the same way you can keep away from the lines. Online bill should be possible from any business banks. You can sign in to your money balance. Then take care of your bill on the web.

What is LESCO Demand Notice?

You should pay the interest notice in the bank. Later to show the interest to the LESCO office. In this case it is checked by LESCO. Because it gets confirmed, another meter will be given at your place.

Where to apply a protest if your new power link is being delay?

By reaching the LESCO office by approaching SDO/XEN. Hence, you can write a complain about the new power link. Secondly, you can call 0800-00118 from your landline number. Additionally, for any mishap contact the LESCO Complaint Cell.