Pesco Bill Calculator

You might be here in search of the PESCO Bill Calculator online. On this website we are providing you the best PESCO electricity bill calculator. Just enter the units below, and see the estimate bill amount:

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This Online Pesco Bill Calculator will provide you the estimated electricity bill of the month by just asking the number of units consumed. Moreover, this online bill calculator makes calculation of the bill hassle free for you and it will enhance your confidence in calculations.

Additionally, the operation of this calculator is so simple and easy to use for all. In order to use PESCO Bill calculator online, you don’t need to install any further app.

So, this PESCO Bill calculator is based on the newest PESCO slabs of 2021. Thus, it includes all common taxes and calculates the amount that turns out to be the nearest one to the actual amount.

The calculation of the PESCO consumer Bill always builds upon the latest unit rates for different slabs. Not only this, it also depends upon the common taxes and other charges including TV Fee, FPA, and N.J Surcharge etc.

PESCO Slabs and Unit Rates

The following table shows the newest rate per unit for year 2021.

NOTE: These rates are determined by NEPRA for residential connections.

Sr #Consumed UnitsUnit Rate (PKR/Unit)
1.Up to 50 Units3.95
2.1 – 100 Units7.74
3.101 – 200 Units10.06
4.201 – 300 Units12.15
5.301 – 70019.55
6.Above 700 Units22.65

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