Pesco Complaint

There is a short procedure for submitting your complaint and by following it, you can complain against any electricity issue within minutes.

Here, on this platform we will tell you how you can register your PESCO complaint just by following steps:

  • First of all, go to the official website of PESCO “”.
  • After that, move our cursor on the “media center” tab.
  • Under customer service, you will see a short menu, there you have to click on “register your complaints”.
  • This step will take you to the complaint registration form.

Once, you have opened the compliant registration form follow the following steps:

  • First and foremost step is to enter the 14 digit reference number, of your PESCO Bill on the left and top most field.
  • Then, enter your mobile number without any kind of space or dash (-).
  • After that, enter your name in the required area.
  • Then, enter the nearest place to your residence.
  • After that, there will be a drop down list, you have to select the nature of your complaint there. The list will show you the following options: line complaints, non-line complaints, and leads/requests.
  • Next, after selecting your complaint type, write the details about your complaint.
  • There will be a “choose file” option, you can attach any file or related document there if you want.
  • Last step, click on “Register Complaint” and here you go! Your complaint is received by the PESCO.

Pesco Complaint FAQs

When will the snapped supply be restored?

To get information about this, contact your nearest sub division PESCO office. In case, you find the line busy, you can contact to 111-000-118 or 118.

What if we haven’t received PESCO bill?

Pesco bills are available online, and you can download latest bill by entering reference number. But, if you are not receiving bill copy for a long time then visit your sub divisional office.

Why the line of complaint office is always busy?

It is not always busy but when the electricity supply is disrupted, it becomes busy. Because, a lot of customers are trying to reach the complaint office. Apart from this, if you still find the line busy you can contact at 111-000-118 or 118 (PESCO Headquarter).

If the bill’s reading is wrong, who should we contact?

In that case, contact customer services of your area of PESCO Headquarter.

What if we receive arrears on our PESCO bill?

If arrears appear on your PESCO Bill even if you have submitted all the previous bills, you can get it corrected by submitting the bank’s receipt of the previous paid bill in your division office.

What to do when there are a lot of electricity shutdown in area?

Most of the electricity shutdowns occur due to the overloading of distribution system. In order to remove it, visit your divisional officer, he’ll tell you the actual reason behind the shutdowns and he’ll further tell you about the remedy too.

When materials are stolen from lines, why does PESCO take a long time to restore supplies?

Stealing materials from PESCO’s line is a criminal activity and apart from the departmental enquiry, you have to register FIR in police station. After the completion of FIR and complaint process, stolen materials are replaced at the cost of customer who proved to be responsible for the safeguard of PESCO’s material.